Thursday, 3 July 2008

Comfort Food strikes again

Posting this in the middle of summer may seem a little strange but if you saw the current weather here you'd understand. Cold , wet and miserable pretty much covers it , especially since it was only a couple of days ago I was sunning myself in 37 degree heat in sunny Spain. But i digress. This is my mum's recipe for stew, pretty similar to every other one out there but I still have to ask her for it every time so its here to help me more than anything.

2 large carrots
1 small swede or half a large one
1 onion
250g stewing steak
3 tablespoons flour
500ml boiling water
2 stock cubes

Chop the carrots and swede into large-ish chunks. Cut the onion into thick slices. Put into a stewing pot. Cube the meat and mix it with the flour with a touch of pepper. Heat a frying pan with some oil and add the meat in batches, browning and sealing it. When all the meat is done add it to the vegetables. Make up the stock using 2 stock cubes to 500ml of water. Add a teaspoon of flour and pour into the pot. Cook for 2 hours at 170 degrees and serve with either crusty bread , dumplings or if between 4 people some mashed potatoes.

Picture coming soon

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