Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Organic Overboard

First off before i get pelted with rotten (pesticide ridden) vegetables i do think organic is a great idea. So is buying local food.
However there are two predominant barriers to this. First of all organic food is expensive. I understand the economics of this , of course its going to take more money as it takes more time, however while theoretically its meant to taste better , in actual fact because its become gimmicky to a certain extent and there's a limited market the quality isn't as high as it could be. I'm not talking about aesthetics , i can handle odd shaped potatoes , i mean real taste. This is from a supermarket food point of view, I'm assuming food bought from a farmers market is much better.
Buying locally is something i see popping a lot on American blogs, i think this is wonderful in fact i wish i could do it myself. Unfortunately I live in the middle of a city and local food is hard to come by. While there is a farmers market , its twice a month and is predominantly cheese and meat. At home which is theoretically more in the countryside , there are farm food shops and the quality is usually pretty good as well as some of it being local. But again its a bit hit and miss for being local.
So while the ideal of eating locally and organically is a good one , realistically its not one i can achieve. But here's to tomorrow hopefully.

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