Sunday, 16 March 2008

The perils of travelling with 20 overexcited students

I just got back from a 3 day trip to Amsterdam with my Uni's rock society. As you can imagine it was pretty chaotic but fun was had by all. I'd been to Amsterdam before , a couple of years ago on my month long trip round Europe but due to a combination of bad weather and homesickness hadn't seen as much of it as i wanted.
No doubt about it Amsterdam is beautiful. You just have to conjure up images of canals and tall houses to get a feeling for it. But despite its reputation of the red light district once you get outside there its a very sedate beauty , calm and quiet.Even adding in the complication of bikes there is no sense of disorder or discord.

And this is probably why i won't go back again.

I love my cities loud and boisterous and chaotic and full of energy. Places like Rome , Barcelona and Belgrade, where things may take a while and are done haphazardly , where you take your life in both hands crossing a road. Where people are quick to smile but equally quick to frown. It in turn gives me more energy, makes me appreciate life and want to enjoy it.

One thing Amsterdam is know for is its Indonesian food and i had a really nice meal while there. It was a tiny little place just around the corner from the Niewe Kirk but the food was delicious. The chicken just fell apart and I haven't had anything so flavourful in a while.

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