Tuesday, 5 February 2008

We interupt current schedualing for a news announcement ......... or rather a political rant

I was intending for this to be simply a place to catalog my experiments , all the lighter things I'm interested in. But unfortunately politics intruded and i feel the need to comment in the only place open to me.

"Work or Lose Home" says minister

The government is planning to link employment to state housing. Competition has finally gone mad and any possible shred of socialism in this government has disappeared without a trace.

This seems to follow the current trend of cutting off those who are worse off and leaving them to fend for themselves. Yes, the amount the government spends on welfare is high but it is needed. Yes, there will be people who are simply too lazy to get a job but for every one of those there are 3 that working either forces them even more into poverty or already struggle to find a job. Removing these people from a source of housing will make that even more difficult as nearly every job needs an address.

I understand that the government needs to find some way of reducing the amount of money spent on welfare especially when the current workers retire and providing pensions becomes an even greater problem but I don't believe this is the way. Providing ways for people currently on benefits to learn new skills is a step forward but providing more and more hoops for people to jump through to get assistance isn't.

Surely there's a better way than the so-called "Third Way". We may be competitive and we may stay competitive but i wouldn't say much for our quality of life if it continues.

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