Monday, 18 February 2008

Skirts and Politics

I just looked at this and realised I hadn't posted for a week. Even though its only a record of projects there's no point developing yet another bad habit.
The skirt is in pieces. Everything is cut out and pinned together I just need to insert the zip , which is going to be tricky as it is an invisible one. Hmmm. The design has also changed , instead of a short-ish skirt with ruffles it has turned into a knee length a-line. I think its for the best.

In politics Kosovo has declared independence from Serbia. While I can see both the political and Serbian side indoctrination by the British media about the beauty of independence has made it slightly harder for that side to be covered. Which is pretty ironic considering all those colonies we oppressed. When the issue of all the other separatist movements comes up the standard answer is "well Kosovo is a special case , don't expect it to happen again" yet again showing that the threat of violence and being what America wants will remove all boundaries.

I really hate British and American foreign policy sometimes.

I appologise for the rant but after watching the UN discussion and listening to various excuses and disclaimers of well we would of preferred to of reached an agreement through diplomacy I am a little aggravated with the politics of this world.
And don't even get me started on Croatia's statement!

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