Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Plan

I am a tomboy. As strange as it may seem considering i like to cook , sew and knit, at heart I am a tomboy. When I was a child I climbed trees, fell in ponds , came home covered in mud or otherwise usually found attached to a Sega or as I got older, Playstation. This nature does not lend itself to the wearing of skirts. They're either a nuisance ( at best) or a down right embarrassment. The fact that I'm over 6ft doesn't help matters either. So when an urge for a skirt came over me not only was it rather shameful but it was rather problematic to solve.

Skirts are apparently the easiest thing to make without a pattern. Me being me decided to make it complicated. This is a close approximation of what i had in my head. It was sparked by a scarf I saw in a charity shop. Unfortunately while its wide for a scarf, as a skirt its a bit short , therefore I had the bright idea of adding ruffles or pleats conveniently forgetting i had no idea how to make either.

This is the scarf and this is the fabric i bought to go underneath.

Wish me luck!

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