Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Cooking in a Student Flat or Why I have 197 recipes bookmarked on de.lic.ous.

I am a student. Fair enough you might say , whats your point? This makes cooking slightly tricky for several reasons.
Firstly , i have very basic cooking equipment and most of what i do have is missing/misplaced/used by the last person who cooked and didn't wash it. Therefore I have to be very tolerant and have to make sure that when the urge strikes to cook something requiring a recipe (as opposed to pasta, rice or spag bol. No pot noodles though , sorry to spoil your stereotype) that I'm willing to wade through mounds of washing up that isn't necessarily mine.

Secondly (and i don't see this improving afterwards so i appreciate its not just a student complaint) the kitchen is small. Postage stamp small. So much so it takes two steps to go from the fridge to the cupboard/work surface. Sideways. This is complicated by the fact that there's usually someone else cooking at the same time. So you can either dance around them and try not to bump into each other.... or come back at another time. Preferably at 3am.

Thirdly (and i promise this is the last one) the stove is temperamental. Both the hob and the oven have a will and a mind of their own. One takes forever to heat up but when its heated its searingly hot so you can burn something in under 10 seconds. The other will cook things at undefinable times. For example brownies which were supposed to take 35 minutes took 20. A baked potato destined to take an hour and a half actually took 2. Most irritating was an apple pie that was supposed to take 45 minutes and ended up almost black in 15. Yes, i am using the right temperature. I checked. Repeatedly. Incidentally it was probably for the best as I later found out id forgotten to peel the apples. Unfortunately this provides a good reason NOT to cook at 3 in the morning.

Therefore , in order to cook and cook well, I have to wait till I return home. Hello Mum , mind if i cause havoc in your kitchen? There's a recipe i want to try (or 200).

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